Guitar Body Bouzouki (Irish type)

Unusually powerful guitar body ‘zouk with side sound port for the player’s benefit. Maine AAA aged spruce top w. figured S. American mahogany body & neck, Brazilian ironwood (ipe) fretboard, bridge, tailpiece, and pickguard available (no extra charge). Extremely deep & powerful sound, it is made for GDAD etc. but is even better at FCGC…

Custom cittern, che chen and spruce – SOLD

New cittern (or 10 string bouzouki) with mind boggling sound and action.

Parlor Bell Guitar

Bell guitar prototype; designed by Gordon Bok 50 years ago, based on the Washburn that the poet Carl Sandburg played. This has a parlor guitar sound, very even and present, with the side port giving the player an extra ‘monitor’. Nice graduated grain Maine spruce w. mahofgany back, side, and neck. Brazilian ironwood fretboard and…

Custom Mando-cittern (sold)

10 string mando-cittern tuned GDAEB, all 5ths. With K&K pickup, great acoustic fidelity. When capoed at 5 you have a mandolin with a bottom C octave pair, same scale as a mandolin. Custom order from the Celtic region of Indiana.  

Mini-bell Citterns – budget models!

Simple model cittern, bell shape +/-. For GDGDG, GDAEB, but very versatile depending on what notes & pitch.  The sound is loud & clear, with action to die for; like greased butter.  These two are presents but they sound so great and play so easy I’m going to make them a standard model. Amazing sound & action at an…

Bell Cittern – SOLD

Bell cittern (DADAD etc.) with Maine red spruce top and Brazilian cambara back, sides, neck.